See you RC car drivers in the world, also, thank you

Grand Final 10 drivers

To Gas powered model RC car Fun all over the world
Since we held worldchampionship 28 years ago, 1/8th RC Circuit Racing has been an integral part of the sport in Japan, and during this time we have always enjoyed the support of the RC Racing community from all over the world.
Since the 2011 disaster we have been rebuilding not only our country but also our spirits and we believe hope is regained with the help of our friends from around the world who also love this sport.
Please join us for the 2013 IFMAR World Championships and help us reconstruct our lives as we are here again, like a rainbow is the eternal symbol of hope, and also a bridge to recovery.
IFMAR Rule-1/8 IC 2013
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Mini Report
12th 1/2Final, GrandFinal finished. Tadahiko Sahashi became 2013 1:8 i.c. WorldChampion

11th 1/16 Finals from 1/4 Finals are carried out.

10th Qualifing Round6 finiahed. And 1/32 Finals from 1/128 Finals are carried out ahead of time the schedule, rain was expected the next day.

9th Qualifing Round3 to Round5 finished.For of high winds, poor track conditions, time does not shrink due to the approach of typhoon.

8th Free Practice and the controled plactice is over. Quaiifing Round1 Round2 also finished we held the opening ceremony in the evening

We have all day free practice

Rain remains until the morning, the same as yesterday, wet surfaces. However, start with 10 minutes late, 6 round conducted. Surface was recovered in the afternoon. Tomorrow, and practice to change the originally planned

5th Finally, World Championship has started in Japan. However, due to the rain, stop the race, it was determined at 11AM.