About track
View from the right
Length 316M

This track is accepting a many of different category R/C models running, such as EP,GP, and/also from 1/12 scale to 1/5 scale. We are held on many different type of R/C car races such as Official and Local of Championships or Oval track Race. So many peoples enjoyed R/C car Races every years. Great feature is the maximum angle of 6 Cant attached to both sides of the most radius 9.3R.

Sector 1 : length 113M
Sector1 entering in turn consists of the right corner of the crosscut and right corner, and the subsequent sharp left straight and show
Sector 2 : length 70M
Sector2 will escape through the hairpin right corner of the complex and left chicane, fast left corner right after a high-speed intrusion
Sector 3 : length 133M
sector3 that make up the back straight and both banks is the high-speed section

Surface : The track surface is asphalt, the rubber is so thick stick to record line
Rubbered surface Ordinarily asphalt

Pit : In order to suppress the traveling speed, the pit before maneuvering platform is established a chicane on both sides
Table for start box

Corner : Concrete curb inside corner

Safety : For safety reasons, the equipment has been using the tire barrier of 1/5 scale cars and flexible net between the corners of the side-by-side

Grid :Grid is provided at intervals of 4 m
Grid 13 on the outside of the left bank
Each interval is 4m@1-10@40m
Speaker for stater ~4

Roops : Measurement loop for various embedded have seven, measurement Sector, speed trap is monitoring the course by this
GPS for synchronizing each sector's decoder